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Do I need a motorcycle licence?

MQi+ Sport and NQi Sport models are classified as mopeds under New Zealand law. That means as long as you have any car licence, you don't need a separate licence to ride these two models.

What's more is because they are mopeds, they don't need a WOF (although they must always be kept roadworthy). Mopeds are legally restricted to 50kph. 

NQi GTS Sport and MQi GT / GT Evo models are classified as LAMS motorcycles and need either a restricted or learners motorcycle licence.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping to your local dealer is included in the price. Delivery from the dealer's location to your doorstep or workplace needs to be agreed with the supplying dealer.

How long is the warranty?

On all NIU scooters supplied by NIU New Zealand, the warranty is 24 months for the battery, controller, frame and electric motor and 12 months for the other components. Subject to conditions, of course. 

How long does the battery last?

The battery has a life of up to or over 5000 cycles. A charge is not a cycle; if you use a battery to half full and then recharge it, and repeat this one more time, then this is a cycle. So, for most riders the life of a battery will be more than 5 years. Please note this will depend on the length of your commute and how often you fully discharge and recharge your battery. 

At end of life your batteries can be returned to your authorised NIU dealer for recycling. 

How often does my scooter need servicing?

NIU scooters need servicing every 3000 kms or every 12 months, whichever comes first.

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