Powerful yet stylish and built for speed, the NQi GTS Sport is a 125cc equivalent, meaning it has a top speed of over 70km/h and a range of up to 140kms depending on riding mode and riding style. Note: This vehicle is LAMS, meaning it is above 50cc and must be ridden with a learner, restricted or full motorcycle licence.
  • Bosch Motor

    Our powerful 3500W Bosch motor delivers quick acceleration and a natural, smooth ride.

  • Front & Rear Disc Brakes

    Your NQi GT/S has hydraulic disc brakes (CBS) that will engage instantly to reduce the scooter's braking distance.

  • EBS (Energy Braking System)

    Our electronic braking system recycles 6% of the energy generated after braking back into your battery back to allow you to keep riding further.

  • Smart Technology

    The NQi GT/S uses state-of-the-art technology through the ECU central controller to collect and analyse over 200 different vehicle diagnostics every minute. Want to find out more? All of your scooter's information is on your free NIU app. The unique OTA update feature makes upgrade feature makes upgrades to your scooter easy without any hardware replacements.

  • Battery

    Our compact battery uses 18650 lithium-ion battery cell technology and it will fast-charge in five and a half hours. It has a two year warranty and a five year life cycle.

  • Security

    You can check the status and location of your scooter at any time. With GPS built into your scooter, you can track the location anywhere through your app. You can even tell if your scooter has been bumped, knocked over or the battery removed.

  • Finance

    Ride away for $500 deposit and $60 per week, subject to finance approval.

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    Ask us about our no deposit ride away options.